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detox facial bar made with activated charcoal known to draw out dirt, chemicals, and bacteria to the surface making it a perfect cleanser.

scented with lavender, tea tree, and orange essential oils.


Each lovely bar contains raw goats milk and soaponified oils of: olive, coconut, palm, avocado, jojoba, and shea butter.


We add goats milk to every batch of soap as it naturally contains: vitamins, minerals, cream, and alpha hydroxy acids – perfect for dead skin removal, repairing damaged skin, moisturizing, and creaminess. No harsh chemicals are ever used. Simple, skin loving oils and butters are used for your largest organ of the body – your skin! Enjoy!!


Each bar is ~4.5oz each. 


colors, designs, and size may vary slightly as we create small, quality batches of soap that are hand cut.


We encourage the use of our soap tray to keep soap out of direct contact with water when not in use.


Store in cool, dry, dark area if saving bar for a later use.


You may cut the bar in ½ to increase longevity. Simply use a kitchen knife.


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