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no preservatives or silicones in this natural hand crafted shampoo bar. 


each shampoo bar is hand made with apple cidar vinegar, rosemary EO, and soaponified oils of: canola, coconut, castor, sunflower seed, and mango butter. 

- simply lather in hands or directly on hair. scrub like normal then rinse.


apple cidar vinegar aids with cutting soap scum and ridding of dandruff. rosemary EO promotes growth, fights dandruff, and makes hair shiney. This bar does NOT contain goats milk.


suggestion: some may benefit from a diluted apple cidar vinegar rinse following shampooing. 


Each bar is ~4.5oz each. 


colors, designs, and size may vary slightly as we create small, quality batches of soap that are hand cut.


We encourage the use of our soap tray to keep soap out of direct contact with water when not in use.


Store in cool, dry, dark area if saving bar for a later use.


You may cut the bar in ½ to increase longevity. Simply use a kitchen knife.

Shampoo bar

  • Due to the nature of this product returns are not offered. Please contact us directly if you are not completely satisfied with your soap

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